Welcome to Personal Energy!

Our Vision

To keep our clients mentally engaged and physically active in their pursuit of fitness.

Our Mission

To motivate our clients – our staff works as a team, focused on providing fitness programming to achieve an over-all improvement in your quality of life (stress management, wellness, performance and improved blood profiles).

Who We AreKen Rex

A team of professionals – often working together on individual client needs. We believe that what you do on your own time is even more important than what you do with us. And we’ve found that this life coaching approach can make a big difference in our clients’ lives.

How We Do It

Personal Energy Inc. is a company that excels through triangulation – you are the recipient of our passion, effort, and talent. This is what makes us different and unique in the world of fitness. There is no such thing as a bad day to us! We are educated, motivated, and engaged in making your personal training experience a great one!